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Today I have a Blogpost in English for you! The reason is simple: the fragrances I'm writing about are coming from Ireland, and so the people from the perfumery can understand what I'm writing about, the whole review is in English.

I have never been to THE BURREN PERFUMERY ( in Ireland, but I'm sure, that I would love it here! The Burren Perfumery is located in the heart of the beautiful and dramatic landscape of the Burren, in the West of Ireland. The Burren Perfumery - founded in 1972 - is a Family company which is selling wonderful local staff. The aim is to be better than the best of the large brands in the quality of their products.

In their shop they sell wonderful perfumes with natural ingredients, inspired by the local flora and landscape. In their lovely range of products also soaps, candles and handmade creams can be found. When visiting this lovely place in Ireland, you will find a Gift Shop, Tea Rooms, Manufacturing Rooms and an Educational Herb Garden. Also they do audiovisual presentations, talks and demonstrations.

When looking through the website and discovering the products, you can feel the love and passion of this place and its people. I would love to visit the Perfumery once...

My friend, who often travels to Ireland, brought me two perfume samples and so I decided to write this Blogpost. Because the fragrances are too good to not write about it! Here we go:



pictures: The Burren Perfumery


The two fragrances I'd like to present you are SPRING HARVEST and SUMMER HARVEST. Very authentic, fresh and mellow scents.

SPRING HARVEST Eau de Toilette
Spring Harvest was created to evoke the scent of an armful of wild herbs gathered in the spring. A very fresh and aromatic fragrance. Very springish! The top notes are Mint, Lemonbalm and Fennel. The perfume (all of them at Burren!) is formulated without the use of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, animal derivatives, GMO ingredients or colourants.
When first testing the scent, it was really given me a flash of spring! Wow! In my mind's eye I saw a big blooming garden... flowers... strubbery... and a distinctive smell of Mint, Lemon and Fennel in the air...

This Eau de Toilette is really a wonderful scent companion during springtime. Refreshing, bracing and in the same time gentle and soothing. I LOVE this scent and I would definitively also wear it in summer, autumn or even winter.

The Burren Perfumery delivers worldwide and you can order the Spring Harvest Eau de Toilette here for only EUR 36.00 for 50ml.

SUMMER HARVEST Eau de Toilette
Oh my god... this is so so so much summerish! The fragrance recalls lying in a meadow on summer's afternoon. We have here a very floral, light and delicate scent. Perfect for summer! Really just perfect! The main notes are Meadowsweet, Lady's Bedstraw and a hint of Chamomile.
This scent is like a gentle summer breeze on the skin. So soft and pleasant. Not flashy and not too heavy. I will for sure use this scent during the next few hot days. And when there's a desire for some hours of summer, I will also wear this Eau de Toilette in Winter. There is nothing to be said against it!

You can order the fragrance here for only EUR 42.00 for 50ml.


I hope you've enjoyed this short trip to Ireland. I highly recommend to visit the website and check out their very cool products!

Have a good week and stay fragrant.


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