A fragrant journey to the Middle East

A few days ago I was asked for a cooperation with two brands from the Middle East, more precisely from Dubai. The brand ARABESQUE PERFUMES sent me one Perfume bottle of their collection as well as some samples from the other brand called ATTAR COLLECTION. I started my testing and I can tell you: the fragrances are absolutely amazing! We all know that the Middle East is very known for their high quality perfume production and so it is not a big suprise, that my review is a chorus of praise.

Arabesque Perfumes is the most innovative House of Frangrance in the Middle East! Perfumers decided to change the approach of creating traditional oriental frangrances with the help of modern Technologies and recreate something fundamentally new. But of course with the aim of never forgetting the oriental style that embodies the luxury and rich culture of the East. The Project turned out of a huge interest, so that leading professionals of perfumery from all over the world joined it, including the director of the famous Perfume School Givaudan. After 3 years of hard work the new unique molecules were specially created for Arabesque Perfumes. Only rare and valuable materials of exceptional quality are used for all the products. All fragrances are as highly concentrated as possible and released in the format of Extrait de Parfum with a volume of 50ml. Also the bottles were made of a unique polished glass with a heavy cover, emphasizing with the traditional Arabic architectural deisgn and decorated with Arabic calligraphy, where its author is the legendary calligraph Artist Mohammed Hassan Khaleelullah.

picture by duftnotiz.ch

The Perfume which was sent to me by Arabesque Perfumes is one treasure of their unique collection and its name is MAJESTY. It sounds invented, but I would lie if I wouldn't say that this product is really majestic! When first testing it I thought: "Oh wow, a spicy, herb-rich note!" But then, after a while (again: Perfume needs time!), the fragrance started to become a very sweet, warm and rich character.

Top notes: pineapple, bergamot, tangerine, fruit mix, spices
Heart notes: violet, jasmine, ambergris, thin beans, olibanum
Base notes: vanilla, royal musk, peruvian balsam

picture by duftnotiz.ch

As I am a big lover of spicy and leathery scents, I was a bit concerned of the base notes, especially of Vanilla, which I normally don't like at all. But for a wonder, this scent is not a second edition of a vanilla shell, but a very nice and incomparable masterpiece of a first-class Perfume. With its spices and fruits, the fragrance is a mysterious bridge between tradition and modern spirit, between sweet and bitter. It's an interaction of different elements, where none of them is outstanding, but where one cannot live without the other. Very sensual, attractive and confident.

picture by duftnotiz.ch

I can highly recommend this Perfume to all women (and also men!) out there who like to have something special on their skin. The scent has recognition value, but at the same moment this Perfume is not mainstream at all and not comparable to other scents on the market.

I will use the Perfume for sure and it will be a perfect companion through all my olfactory journeys.

You can find and buy the Perfume here for USD 130.00. Check out the whole collection here.

pictures by Arabesque Perfumes

As mentioned I also got some samples by the brand Attar Collection. Founded in 2015, based in Dubai, Attar Collection is a niche, luxury perfume house offering the richest quality of perfumes and natural oils presented in the exclusive design and a modern elegant image. It offers a unique collection of oriental and western style fragrances inspired by arabic culture and heritage. All products are limited editons of creativity of famous designers and a perfumer who keeps his name in secret.

pictures by dufnotiz.ch

I absolutely fell in love with their fragrance MUSK KASHMIR. This is really something different from all I knew and saw before. And believe me: this is not only a nice flowery phrase - I mean it! This scent makes me almost speechless, but to remain silent is not an option at all. This perfume is just incredible! It's like a second skin. Like love. Like seduction. Like tenderness and self-confidence in one breathe. For me this is perfection and the way I wanna smell ALL THE TIME. During Winter, during Summer, during Spring and Fall. During my best time of life and during my hardest time. MUSK KASHMIR is something you have to feel and smell. As a Perfume Blogger I'm always trying to find the right words to describe a scent. Here I can only say: LOVE. This is just pure love!

Top notes: White Pepper, Sandal
Middle notes: Carnation, Gardenia
Base notes: White Musk

pictures by Attar Collection

The other two samples I got from Attar Collection are the fragrances KHALTAT NIGHT and THE QUEEN OF SHEEBA. Again two incredible scents. While "Khaltat Night" is a very deep and a bit smoky fragrance with cherry and spicy notes in it (Red apple, Cherry, Vanilla, Jasmine, Amber, Cinnamon, Musk, Patchouli), "The Queen of Sheeba" is an enchanting fruity and flowery scent with tempting White Musk and Sandal (Peach, Apricot, Vetiver, Narcissus, Jasmine, Rose, Cedar Wood, Osmanthus, White Musk, Patchouli, Sandal).

Here you can shop the fragrances online and you'll see the whole collection.

pictures by Attar Collection

That's it! This was my review about the brands Arabesque Perfumes and Attar Collection. I hope you enjoyed this short trip to the Middle East. If we cannot be there, we get the Middle East where ever we are in this olfactory way!


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